Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture


A ZZP! Recommended Release!

  • Music by Jessica Curry
  • BAFTA Award-winning music!
  • Available on CD or limited edition 2x LP vinyl
  • Sold and despatched direct from ZZP!
  • You may also find the “Rapture..” soundtrack on Ebay
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The incredible, BAFTA Award-winning soundtrack score to the cult “Walking Simulator” game of the same name (initially released as a PlayStation exclusive, but now also available on PC, via Steam).

Please note: This incredible score is also available in digital format (.mp3) from here. “Prime” members can also stream it for free!

The vinyl version offered by Zip-Zap-POW! is the limited edition “gold” vinyl edition, of which only 500 copies were ever pressed! The CD edition was released by SONY and is not a limited edition. Long-since sold out on other Websites, you won’t find this release anywhere else!

Press Release: “The soundtrack to the groundbreaking 2015 PlayStation® 4 game Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture features the music of BAFTA-nominated composer Jessica Curry. The music was recorded at the famed AIR Studios in London and features solo vocal performances by renowned Welsh soprano Elin Manahan Thomas, ethereal choir, and a tragically beautiful orchestral accompaniment.” [End]

Additional information

Weight 650 g
Dimensions 30.5 × 30.5 × 1.0 cm

Jessica Curry


Limited Edition Gold Vinyl (2xLP), Compact Disc (1xCD)


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