Xena: Warrior Princess – 20th Anniversary Anthology Soundtrack [7CD]

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Press Release:

“In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Xena: Warrior Princess, Varese Sarabande Records has produced a comprehensive 7-CD box set with all the music from the favourite TV series, housed in a beautiful limited edition library-bound leatherette case.

This amazing set of music will also include these great additions:

  • A large 30 x 40 inch flag featuring Xena, Gabrielle and many other characters from the show, (see image above)
  • Extensive liner notes by Steven Sears, (Xena writer/producer), and original art and photos from the initial CD releases
  • Each box set is embossed stamped on the back with the exact number of the limited edition you purchased
  • Gold leaf lettering on the outer package along with the addition of Xena’s signature Chakram in gold leaf
  • The Xena 20th anniversary 7-CD box set is a limited edition item”


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Weight 500 g

Joseph LoDuca


Compact Disc (7x CD!)

Limited edition





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