Watership Down [Remastered]

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  • Long overdue official reissue on CD!
  • Remastered
  • Same track listing as the original LP release

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CD (Compact Disc)



Track Listing

1. Prologue (Williamson orch Ashmore) MH
2. Main Title (Williamson orch Morley)
3. Venturing Forth (Morley)
4. Into the Mist (Morley)
5. Crossing the River and Onward (Morley)
6. Fiver’s Vision (Morley)
7. Through the Woods (Morley)
8. The Rat Fight (Morley)
9. Violet’s Gone (Morley)
10. Climbing the Down (Morley)
11. Bright Eyes (Batt) AG
12. Interlude (Morley)
13. Bigwig’s Capture (Morley)
14. Kehaar’s Theme (Morley)
15. The Escape from Efrafa (Morley)
16. Hazel’s Plan (Morley)
17. Final Struggle and Triumph (Morley)
18. The End Titles (Morley)

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