Reign of Kings [mp3]

  • Original music by Kevin Greenlee
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Press Release (for the game):

“Struggle to survive in a harsh medieval world. Hunt wildlife, mine resources, build structures, and craft weapons and armor in order to protect yourself. You may form a guild, bring war to all opposition, and try to seize the throne and become king!”


Additional information

Track Listing

01 Ascension To King 03:56
02 The New Found Land 02:52
03 Into Darkness 03:33
04 To Arms 03:41
05 Stories of Peace 03:53
06 Fear is Upon Us 01:54
07 Wings of Shelter 03:30
08 King's Throne 03:13
09 For Glory 03:30
10 Brave Trails 03:12



Total Length

33 minutes, 14 seconds




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